Disposing Of A Bed Bug Infested Mattress Properly

A large bed bug infestation really is a problem. Bed bugs bite, and can really affect your quality of life. The great thing is, Empire Pest Control have given us this infographic on bed bugs, and disposing of an infested mattress the right way.

Bed bugs are a pest that need to be addressed immediately. Getting rid of them takes a lot of hard work and elbow grease, so it’s probably better to call in the professionals if you have an infestation. Leaving a bed bug infestation and not treating it will seriously impact on yours and your family’s health in a bad way.

Having a bad infestation of bed bugs living in your mattress or home will change the way you enjoy your down time and sleep. An infested mattress will not be pleasant to sleep on at all. Disposing of the mattress or having it treated for bed bugs will definitely improve your quality of life, and make your home and bedroom an enjoyable place to be again.

Some people don’t realise, but bed bugs may be carrying serious diseases, which can be fatal. Improper removal of the mattress or infested furniture will put you, your family and even your neighbours at risk.

There’s some strategies Empire Pest Control have shown you here, to get rid of a mattress infested with pests properly. Not only will you benefit from getting rid of the bed bugs, the rest of your family will too.

If your bedroom is very cluttered, it’s best to clean up that clutter and get more organised. Bed bugs love to infest dark areas where they feel they are hidden. Having a good clean out will free up space in your home that can then be used in a different way moving forward.

Bed bug eradication is a huge challenge. Calling in the right professionals, like Empire Pest Control, will help you overcome the problem. Once the issue is resolved, you will feel so much better for it! 



Vibrant home décor ideas

There's a lot to be said for neutral colours in your home, as they provide a calming and harmonious influence.While this is a blessing in quiet rooms, such as your bedroom, there are other rooms to which you might want to add splashes of colour and vibrant tones to make the spaces come alive, adding touches that reflect your personal preferences and lifestyle. Here are a few tips on the approaches you can take to do just that.

Liven up your living room

Let’s start with the area where most of the family spends time together and where guests are welcomed into your home: the living room. Here,you’ll want to use a few extra special touches to make the space comfortable as well as interesting.

Painted walls and ceiling in a soft shade and a wooden floor offer a lovely backdrop for your furniture and accessories. There’s no need to resort to extravagantly fussy floral curtains, or sofas upholstered in eye-popping patterns to inject a bit of energy into your design scheme. Instead, opt for elegant window shutters in a bright finish, to allow more naturaldaylight into your room. Keep your sofa plain, then accessorise it with jazzy scatter cushions that you can mix and match at will.

Deck out your dining room

Some people like their dining area to be fairly uniform and formal, with matching sideboards and coordinated table and chairs. Others prefer a quirkier look, with mismatched chairs or a unique, upcycled table. No matter your preference, you can bring your dining room to life by introducing shiny chandeliers, striking table runners,eccentric candlesticks or simple bunches of brightly coloured flowers.

When it comes to tableware, you have the opportunity to make the most of dishes that enhance the food you’re serving, and sparkling glassware that will reflect the lighting. Dimmer switches are useful in a dining area when you want to create a mellow, more relaxed mood.

Keep your kitchen comfy

While dining rooms are appropriate for more formal occasions, many families eat together in the kitchen, which is also the place kids sometimes do their homework or hang out with friends. A neighbour who pops in for a cuppa might chat to you in the kitchen, especially if you’re preparing something, rather than moving through to your living room. In this sense, your kitchen is a social hub, and you’ll want it to be friendly and welcoming, as well as practical.

If space allows, it’s worth adding a small, brightly upholstered, comfy sofa in your kitchen, so you can have that neighbourly chat. Bear in mind that the kitchen table often ends up being used for repairing punctured bicycle wheels or dismantling lawn mowers, so be sure to keep handy a colourful waterproof or grease proof covering that can be whipped out of a cupboard as needed.

Throughout your home,interesting wall art also serves as a very useful way to brighten up your interiors, so that there are many ways to make each shared space work for the whole family.

Senior-friendly furniture – Buying things for mobility-challenged people

There are many people who are interested in buying a recliner which lowers and lifts off the ground or some other kinds of senior-friendly furniture which can assist their elderly parents. We all know how our aging parents suffering from different kinds of diseases like arthritis and obesity find it difficult to get up from majority of the cushioned furniture in our homes. Are there any kinds of mobility aids for them so that they may find it easier to sit down and get up with ease? 

Chairs form a vital part of our lives as on an average we sit down and get up from our chairs more than 90 times in a day. For various tasks like leisure, eating and transport, there are different types of chairs. For older people, there are riser recliner chairs which help them overcome all issues related to standing and sitting down. Let’s check out a few senior-friendly mobility aids that may assist the senior generation. 

Lift recliners

One of the most famous types of cushioned furniture that we find these days for seniors who are mobility-challenged is an electric recliner lift chair. They look something similar to regular recliners but the powerlift recliners usually come with a built-in motor which lowers and raises the entire chair to make getting up and sitting down much easier. Here are few tips that you should take into account to choose the best one for your mom and dad.

Size of the chair: The recliner should be such that it fits the person who is sitting inside it and hence you have to check the height and weight of your parents to know the exact chair that he might need.

   Options for reclining: Apart from the system of lifting, the degree to which your chair reclines is also at your discretion. If you visit stores, you will find that majority of the lift recliners are sold as 2-position, 3-position or infinite position chairs. If they are more into taking a good nap, they would need a 3-position chair which reclines horizontally. 

    Features and style: You will also require choosing the kind of fabric, the back style, and the color which you want your chair to be. Do you want any massaging elements in your chair or a hugging chair? If yes, you may add such features as well. 

Risedale Chairs

If you think that the powerlift recliners are not a much appealing option for your parents, you can opt for furniture like the Risedale chair. They are wing-back chairs, open-legged and they’re pretty much different from lift recliners because in these chairs, only the seat of the cushion lifts instead of the entire chair. The cost of these chairs is around £735 and you can definitely buy it for your parents as they age.

So, when your parents start aging, their furniture needs also keep changing and you can even make their furniture more accessible by increasing the height of the chair with furniture risers. You can also get such riser recliners in online stores such as Ebay or Amazon.

Completely Dispose Of Your Trash In An Effective Manner

A large amount of trash can prove to be a bit of a nuisance to deal with, especially when it has the tendency of piling up to the point of not being able to be handled by one anymore. The good thing is that a lot of dumpster rental services have gotten into business and you needn’t worry anymore about these types of problems.
If the problem is not quickly addressed it can develop to such harmful lengths that it can cause serious concerns such as hurting oneself by tripping on it, various hazards, large amounts of dust as well as mold development which will most likely impact your health in a bad way.
Not only will large amounts of clutter negatively impact the way in which your health is concerned but it also covers a lot of space which can be used in other ways to be more productive. A cramped space is not a desired outcome when one handles his trash but of course there are some things to be done in order to prevent that. Not only will the complete disposal of clutter and rubbish in your establishment will significantly improve the way in which one lives his life but it will also free some space to use in different and more productive ways.
One should consider the fact that having stacks of rubbish in their proximity can even prove to be life-threatening as improper waste removal will result in accidents and unwanted consequences. The level of hygiene in that area will be significantly lowered as well as cause a great threat to the ones surrounding the respective place.
Bear in mind that there are a few great strategies to employ, such as clearing a storage space which includes the likes of closets and garages will only benefit you as not only will it provide a whole lot of space for you to use in a different way but it will also keep the whole establishment a lot more organized.
The hardest challenge when it comes to clutter disposal comes with getting rid of post-construction leftover materials which can prove to be a nuisance even to the most experienced worker. The removal of such waste seems like it is not going to end as piles upon piles of building materials, wood, drywall and large appliances are jumping out of nowhere. Consider that all that you have to do to overcome this impediment is to smartly tackle them, one at a time. The task is not a hard one to complete but it sure is both physically and mentally demanding.

Modernising your garage to add value to your home

If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home, and a loft conversion is out of your price range, or just too big a job, why not take a look closer to the ground floor and modernise your garage to create a new living space. It can be equally as effective and there are a lot of options.
If you have a detached garage you will need planning permission to convert it into any kind of living space, but in general, if you are not altering the building structure of a garage attached to your house, you won’t need special permission. Always check with your local council first, just to be on the safe side, before starting any large home improvement projects.
You can be innovative about how you use the space – it doesn’t have to become an extra bedroom or a granny annexe! Why not move all of the loud and noisy appliances out of your kitchen and turn your garage into a kitchen extension or utility room. All you need to do is fit a few cupboards and worktops for ease of use, and move your washing machine, tumble dryer and chest freezer out into this extra space.
It may even make room in the kitchen to add some luxury items like a dishwasher or a nice breakfast bar, improving the quality of both spaces – and the impression it would make when selling on.
Why not look at splitting the garage into two new rooms, if it’s long enough, by using stud walls. You can create a useful home office and storage area, for example, to give some extra useful areas. If updating the use of the space, don’t forget to update the door as well! As most garages don’t have windows, a pair of French doors could bring in light and make it look more like a living space.
Other options you can look at to modernise your garage, could be practical – create an additional downstairs bathroom or bedroom. Or why not take a different route and add a luxury room to your house by converting the garage into a bespoke gym, home cinema, or maybe a games room?
If you live in a family-focused area and are trying to sell the house on, then consider converting the garage into a fun family play room for the children to keep all their toys – it will mean less mess and clutter in the house and will appeal to parents and children alike!
Once you have your ideas, do your homework and research what it will mean – do you need power, insulation, heating to be installed? Do you need planning permission for any of the ideas and plans you have – it’s always better to be on the safe side. There can be no doubt that modernising your garage and creating extra useable space will add value to your home in the long run, if done properly. 

Repurposing your garage can be problematic: dealing with insulation, cold and unsightly concrete floor can be quite unwelcoming. A convenient solution is to install garage floor tiles in your garage, to quickly and efficiently create an insulated floor. The garage floor tiles come in different colours, so you can create your own patter or room division scheme. This can be an extremely practical update to your garage, as you can place your washing machine or tumble dryer with no problem, as these tiles are highly durable and weight bearing. A great advantage of using garage tiles to repurpose your garage, storage room or attic is the fact that you can easily clean, replace and remove them. You can take them with you if you ever decide to move.

Staying current with the carpet and flooring trends of 2017 – Spruce up your floor

The present carpet trends are not like anything else that’s trending in flooring at the present moment. When it comes to decorating the hard surfaces, it’s all about adding the stone looks and mimicking wood. Soft flooring is a different story altogether. With regards to flooring subject, carpet is one of the most controversial topics. No, not in the sense of argument but in general, people either seem to love it or hate it and those who purely hate the idea of carpeting will always try to convince you about the fact that carpets are outdated. But this isn’t TRUE!

While there are homeowners who watch out for cozy carpets, carpet is still the #1 flooring sellers among choosy homeowners. The concerns of this article will tell you about the carpet and flooring trends that you may follow to remain trendy and stylish.

Trend #1: Carpets

Carpets are gradually getting more eco-friendly and there are some manufacturers who are creating combinations of fiber which take softness to an entirely new level. There are factories all over UK which make ‘green’ carpets. The ace carpet manufacturers are of the opinion that the evolution of softer textures serves the cutting-edge trend of their business and they’re surprised enough to see the return of luxury carpet. The broad genre called cut-and-loop is in trend nowadays and most of them are multi-tonal and heathered and the trend is towards patterned carpets with cleaner finish. You can get local carpet fitters to fit in your favorite carpet inside your room. 

Trend #2: Bamboo

Bamboo has been in trend for a long time now but something that we can see off late is an explosion of styles and colors. Technically, bamboo is a fast-growing grass and bamboo is harder than most hardwoods after they’re dried. Strand-woven bamboo is a highly engineered product which is twice as hard as conventional bamboo flooring. As with any kind of wooden flooring, it is always best to keep bamboo away from rooms that are moisture-prone like baths and kitchens. 

Trend #3: Reclaimed wood

Another rising trend in flooring is offering classic looks by leveraging new technology and the best example for that is reclaimed hardwood. The new form of hardwood flooring offers the charm of reclaimed timber but the best part is that there are no high costs associated with it. Wood that is factory-finished will be able to withstand all moisture fluctuations and can perform better than any wood flooring which is done onsite.

Trend #4: Large format tile

In the world of tiles, we always see an explosion of shapes, sizes, patterns and materials and mainly popular these days are the large-format tiles. These tiles come in 12” X 24” sizes and sometime even 36” X 36”. Apart from giving a great look to the floor, larger sized tiles mean more tile surface and less lines to clean. In order to get a professional look, hire a pro installer.

Therefore, if you’re confused about the kind of flooring to add to your house, choose any one from the above mentioned trends to stay fashionable and trendy.

5 Cases when calling an electrician is mandatory for your home


Not every homeowner has all the relevant knowledge about the wires, panels, electrical outlets and other aspects. In such cases, it is better to call an electrician and get the work done. A lot of people try their hands on electrical works just to save their precious money. A minor issue can turn out to be a complicated when you try working out yourself without much knowledge and skill. Therefore, experts recommend having the contact details of the professional electric serviceman in case of emergencies. Electrical wiring and faulty electrical accessories can also increase the power consumption bill and if you do not handle these parts with excat knowledge, then you can get affected by a short circuit. It can also set your house on fire. In these cases, it is suggested to solve the minimal electrical issues by hiring some certified electricians only.

When you should call a professional electrician?

Let us check out five major electricity problems when you will need a professional to repair it in a right way. Have a look at them as follows.


Flickering of lights: When you notice the lights of your home flickering all of a sudden and you are unable to fix it by yourself then it might be because of internal damage or wrong wiring. The solution is calling an expert who can actually figure out the root cause of the problem and repair it. You may thinkthat due to power fluctuation, you are facing these problems but if you notice the power fluctuation problems then it is more dangerous. Constant power fluctuation can damage your main fuse and it can permanently damage your electrical meter. 
Burnt fuses: Has any of the fuses of your home got burnt or blown out? There is no question of repairing the same fuse; rather you will have to replace the entire fuse. Instead of wasting time and thinking how to repair, call an electrician immediately and get the matter sorted out without risking the entire electrical system of your property. It is suggested that do not try to use any adhesive and tape on the burned fuse because it can lead to some dangerous effects, and it can even set fire to your house. So always replace the damaged fuse by contacting with some professional electricians. 
Building a new house: If you have constructed a new home, then surely you will need a complete and effective electrical system. It is mandatory to call a professional to create a perfect and functional system for the home. The certified and professional electrical contractors can easily install and design the electrical wiring and other accessories in your new building. 
Security system for the house: Nobody likes to invite burglars and criminals in your house. Hence, nowadays everyone is installing security systems to protect the people and the property. Only experts can install the right kind of security systems to help you stay safe and relaxed. 
Water related issues: It is known to everyone that water and current are the worst enemies, which can result in extremely serious situations. Whenever you notice any leaks or such issues, you need to call the electrician immediately to reduce the risk of any danger.

The person whom you are going to hire should have a license that reflects that he is a proficient man for the job. He will assure you right solution and as per the government standards of the country. In addition to this, the licensed person will also charge the fees based on the industry rates and you can be rest assured after hiring him for the task.

2 Stunning Hardwoods That Make the Best Bathroom Vanities

The New Year has finally arrived and I’m sure you want every nook of your house to look new-like and fresh. And you also want to change the decor of your house according to the latest trends, right? So, what are you waiting for? Revamp your home and make it look absolutely gorgeous. Home renovation won’t just enhance the aesthetics, but will also increase its value. Therefore, go for a renovation and when renovating your home, don’t ignore the bathroom. You must be thinking, why I am saying this. Well, it’s because more than half of the homeowners ignore their bathroom when they are renovating the entire home and the reason is hilarious. What most of them claim is that “nobody is going to check the bathroom when they visit my home!” But what if the guests want to go to the loo and they find out that during renovation you have focused on living and bedroom and completely ignore the bathroom? That’s really embarrassing. So, do revamp your bathroom, as it is definitely one of the most important rooms of the house and the most used one too.
Cabinet Depot bathroom
Now, if you are thinking that renovating a bathroom area will cost you way too much, then that’s your biggest misconception. To renovate your bathroom, you neither have to hire an interior designer nor buy expensive decorative items. And you don’t even have to change every single part of the bathroom. All you need to do is replace the sink area with a stylish bathroom vanity.
A bathroom vanity won’t just make the sink area look more royal, but will also help you keep the bathroom clutter free. Wondering, how is that possible? Well, these vanities come with cabinets where you can easily store your bathroom essentials. So, wait no more and visit a reputed store that is famous for selling attractive and affordable Wholesale Bathroom Vanities.
Thinking, which type of bathroom vanity to purchase? Well, there are varieties of bathroom vanities available in the market. But as an interior designer, I would suggest you purchase wooden vanities as they will make your bathroom look stunning. Here is the list of wooden vanities which are best for bathrooms and their characteristics.
Take a look
2 Best Hard Wood For Bathroom Vanities
  • Maple Wood
This is one of those woods which are mostly used in making the bathroom as well as kitchen cabinets. I’m sure you must have come across people saying that maple kitchen cabinets are the best. But trust me; bathroom vanity cabinets made of this wood are good as well. So, you can opt for maple bathroom vanities. Some of the pros of this wood are:
  1. It has consistent and fine grain all over it that makes for a uniform, handsome appearance.
  2. This wood has warm consistent shading, which takes stains brilliantly.   
  3. It is absolutely durable. And in fact, it is said to be sturdier than any other wood.

  • Walnut Wood
After maple, if there is another wood that is loved by interior designers and furniture makers or carpenters then that is none other than walnut wood. And believe me, if you purchase walnut bathroom vanities, you won’t be disappointed. Here are some of its specialties:
  1. This is quite a strong wood. But still, try o prevent it from blows and bashes.
  2. Walnut wood has smooth, fine and general straight wood grain, which makes it look classy. In fact, it mellows with age. Trust me; you’ll love to see the color transformation from dark to light.
These were the two best kinds of wood that will make great bathroom vanities. So, wait no more, rush to a reputed store and purchase wholesale bathroom vanities.