5 Ways To Make Your Conservatory Functional Year-Round

Conservatories are a difficult room to work with; somewhere between indoors and outdoors and never fully committed to either. In summer, they are often far too warm, and in winter they become damp and cold spaces that are neglected until the first glimpse of spring. 

Conservatories originated in the 16th century as a way to cultivate citrus fruits in the colder months or harsh climates of Northern Europe. It wasn’t until the 1970s that architects began employing the same Victorian stylings of 19th Century orangery structures into domestic extensions. 

In the 70s and 80s, building a conservatory was one of the most popular ways to add value to a home, so now homeowners are left dealing with that difficult room. If you want to make sure your conservatory is truly functional year-round, there are a few steps you will need to take to create a cool and airy room in summer and a warm and cosy space in winter. Conservatories make ideal second family rooms, reading nooks, dining rooms, home offices and playrooms. Once you’ve decided how you’d like to reclaim your conservatory, try these tips for creating a functional room for year-round use.

If the sun is a problem in summer, installing modern fitted blinds will help you to make the most of this room and regain some privacy. This will be particularly important if you’re thinking about creating an extra bedroom. Specialist blinds will also provide much-needed insulation in the winter months which will make your home much more eco-friendly. Fitted blinds are available in a variety of shades and patterns so you can make a bold statement with the decor.

Deal with damp

If damp is a problem in your conservatory, you will need to identify the problem and solve it before decorating or adding any new furnishings. Sometimes the seals around windows may be damaged, the ground surrounding the conservatory might be waterlogged, or there may be poor air circulation to the room. To keep excess moisture at bay in winter, try using a dehumidifier to keep the air fresh.

Renew the furniture

Buying bespoke conservatory furniture is an ideal way to create the perfect cosy space that will be functional year-round. Wicker and rattan furniture is enjoying a revival at the moment as people have started to recognise the endless benefits of this durable, stylish and functional furniture.

Consider a new roof

If your glass roof just isn’t working for you, you can convert your extension into a normal room by replacing the roof with lightweight tiles. This will insulate the room and help keep it warm in winter, while the rest of the windows will still allow light to come streaming in. Any conversions of this kind will need to be carried out by a professional builder and you may need planning permission to convert your extension in this way.

Add personal touches

Often, all that is needed to make a house a home is a few finishing touches. Adding some potted plants, ornaments, a new rug, throw pillows or framed pictures can be all you need to update your conservatory and make it a more homely. If you worry that your conservatory will be too warm in summer and too cold in winter, try using specialist rattan furniture which will be cool in summer and can be layered up with blankets and throws in winter.

Stay Cool Without A Pool

We're currently in the midst of the hottest month of the entire year, even by summer standards. August is generally known for being blistering with its heat index, and some people simply don't know how to handle such extreme weather without any way to cool off throughout the day. Some people are lucky enough to have their own pool - whether it be inground or above-ground - and can take a dip whenever they feel a bit of sweat coming on. Others, unfortunately, don't have that luxury and need to get really creative when it comes to remaining chill.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the most obvious ways to keep your home cool and relax during the extreme heat of summer. A single well-placed air conditioner is capable of cooling an entire home if positioned in the correct window. Depending on how powerful the air conditioner is, you could have a completely cooled room or entire house within the hour, which is more than can be said of some other options. We're looking at you ice pops!

Ice Pops

Taking some time to make homemade ice pops, especially with the kids, can be a rewarding experience for all involved. The only downside here is the wait time after putting the pops in the freezer. It takes time for them to be ready, so during the wait you can sit in front of the air conditioner and relax.
Ice pops have the unique ability to come in a variety of flavors. With access to a blender, you can easily make a mixed berry flavor, strawberry-banana, or perhaps even a chocolate pudding ice pop for those with more of a sweet tooth. Be sure to leave some small chunks of fruit for a bit of extra texture and flavor, though.

Cold One

For the adults, popping up an ice cold beer is a wonderful way to both relax and refresh yourself on a warm day. Pulling your favorite brand from a cooler filled with ice is one of life's small pleasures.
For kids, however, a cup of juice, water, iced tea, or lemonade with a couple cubes of ice is perfect for cooling the body down and keeping them playing for long periods of time. By the time night rolls around, most kids will fall asleep where they stand, allowing for some much-needed peace and quiet.

Lego Boats

For those with children in the house, filling the bathtub with cool water and a couple of toys can be a wonderful experience for the kids. Building boats made entirely of legos, which won't be damaged in the water, can make for hours of fun for everyone in the family.

Cool Shower

As a last resort, hopping into a cool shower can drastically change your outlook on the current heat situation. Cold water may feel like a bit too much at first, but sitting under the cool spray from the shower head and remove the heat from your body and leave you feeling awake and refreshed. Heat has the tendency to make most of us tired, unfortunately.

Despite the sometimes overwhelming heat, there are plenty of options to remain cool in the hot summer months. Some are more elaborate than others, of course, but they are still available to most families today.
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Upgrades To Make Your Home More Eco- Friendly


We all know the importance of saving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. And there’s plenty you can do to live a more eco-friendly life, right from the comfort of your own home. Not only will these things help the environment, but you’ll save money on your energy bills too. Planning to live a more eco-friendly existence? Consider adding these upgrades to your home!

Solar Panels
While you have to pay a fairly large cost up front to have solar panels installed, with the money you’re able to save on bills they pay for themselves completely within a few years. And not only do you save money, but you’re also helping the planet too. Unlike the fossil fuels burned to power your home in the traditional way, solar energy is clean and renewable. You can be happy in the knowledge that powering your home is causing no pollution or damage to the environment.

Private Water Source
Water boreholes provide you with your own private supply of water from your land. This not only saves you money on your water bills but gives you clean water, and also means you don’t have to adhere to water restrictions and hosepipe bans either. Adding a private water source will reduce your carbon emissions, as water companies burn fossil fuels during the cleaning process. Your own private water source from a borehole or spring does not come into contact with any surface water or contamination, so is already safe to drink. It’s not just large rural properties that can tap into this, even townhouses in busy cities with tiny gardens are able to reap the benefits. So get a private water supply if you want to make your home more eco friendly.

Insulate Your Loft and walls / Install Double Glazing
These two kind of go hand in hand, they’re all about reducing the amount of heat that is lost in your home. It comes back to burning fossil fuels again, these are what are burned to heat your home and the more heat that is lost the more you need to use. Not only does this mean your heating bill is through the roof but it means you are using up more of the earth’s resources. Double glazing with good quality upvc frames will prevent heat escaping from around the windows, and cavity wall and loft insulation will prevent it from escaping everywhere else.

Compost and Recycle
Even without huge home renovations, you can make your home as eco friendly as possible by these kinds of small things. Every day the things we throw away pollutes the earth, but by recycling wherever possible and composting biodegradable waste it reduces the amount sent to landfill. Don’t ever feel like your actions are too small to make a difference as every bit matters. Hopefully in time more people will come around to the idea, and will be more mindful with what they throw away

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs
Energy saving bulbs generally use anything from twenty five to eighty percent less energy than traditional light bulbs- incredible! They also last anything from three to twenty five times longer too, so not only are you spending less on energy but you’re spending less buying the actual bulbs too. Using less energy again equates to less fossil fuels burned which is kinder on the environment. Again these are the small things you can do in your home which don’t require a lot of money up front or any building works to take place.
Whatever steps you take to make your home eco friendly will all make a difference to the environment as well as make your bills less expensive. Even if you can’t afford to spend a lot, just do the best you can with what you have.