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Stylish Plumbing Ideas

Are you looking for some cool plumbing ideas that you can do in your home? Well you have come to the right place, in this article we will talk through some cool ideas and how to turn ideas into reality.

Copper plumbing pipes aren't the nicest looking objects to have running all around your house and thankfully most of the time they are hidden behind plasterboard so they aren't visible. Great imagination is key to making your house your home and original designs can really give your house the edge in being a great home. Over the years I have seen some really cool plumbing ideas and it's now time to share them with you.

Cool Plumbing Ideas

From toilets with built in sinks, to pipe used as flower vases, to light fittings, and we have even seen wine racks made out of copper pipes. We once seen a toilet which had been made with the cistern as a tap, so once you have finished on the toilet, stand up and turn round to wash your hands, brilliant idea and a great way of minimising space used in the bathroom. Somebody used their great imagination and used the copper pipe in their bathroom and extended them and shaped them into a towel rack to keep the towels warm when in the bath, the same person also created a toilet roll holder from their copper pipes.

One brilliant and very creative idea we seen was on the social website pinterest. Basically it was a copper pipe used as a light fitting, so the 4 metre length copper pipe had about 16 T junctions on, and on each T junction there was a light bulb. Turning the copper, obviously unused pipe was changed  into a light. Turning a bright idea like the ones above into reality is a different story and sometimes be very difficult if you are not a qualified plumber.

Turning Ideas Into Reality

Without good knowledge of plumbing equipment, then making one of these stylish plumbing objects can be very difficult. You will need to be fully equipped and prepared to make your design. Below we will list some of the tools you will need to create your design. If you want to make something which will be also plumbed into the mains, like a towel radiator we would advise creating the object and then hiring a professional plumber to come out and plumb it in.

The obvious equipment needed when taking on any plumbing job is a good wrench and some pipe cutters. But for creative designs you will need
  • Blow torch
  • A vice
  • Dry sand and a funnel
  • Pipe bending springs
  • Pipe benders
  • Pipe cutters
  • Bucket of cold water
  • A square (not illustrated), used to check that your pipe is a true right angle
  • Safety gloves
  • Safety glasses
Now you have all the correct equipment, you can now get to work bringing your ideas to life. Remember to always stay safe as you are dealing with high temperatures. And always have a qualified plumber check it's safe before installing it.
Author Bio
Dan Mawson runs a national plumbing company called Multicore. He likes to share his knowledge and help others in the industry.

Earlier we featured tips on commercial plumbing, and healthy plumbing, you can check those too.


Superb Small Clocks to Check Out at Dandelion Interiors

Small wall clocks are great adornments for your living room or hallway wall. They’re good design pieces especially if you want something that’s not too striking or would take attention away from your centerpiece figures. Here are some of Dandelion Interiors’ best bets for small clocks!


The Antiqued Black Teapot Wall Clock currently retails at a sale price of £37.00 from its original price of £49.95. This small clock will no doubt add a quaint, vintage feel to your home’s interiors. Aside from black, this wall clock is also available in the color mint green and white. Product dimension is 40x45x6cm.


The Antiqued Bottle Wall Clock is available in two variants: the Beer O'Clock Wall Clock and the Milk Bottle Wall Clock. The beer design sports an eye-catching green color while the milk design is outfitted with a rugged red and white style. Both are quirky with classic designs that are sure to add personality to an otherwise plain or expressionless room. The Beer O’Clock has dimensions of 87x23x8cm while the Milk Bottle one measures 52x19x4cm.


The Black and Gold Back Lit Glass Westminster Clock On Stand is perfect for living room and hallway tables. The great thing about this small clock is that it looks chic without being understated. It’s also available in the skeleton variant without the backlit feature in colors gold and silver. Its dimensions span 52x41x15cm. Retailing for just £111.00 from its original price of £149.85, there’s never been a more perfect time to buy this classic piece!


The Retro Black Diner Wall Clock is a cute, charming piece of ornament that will fit well in any part of your house. Available in the colors black, white, mint green, and cream—it will no doubt suit a wide variety of color motif in your home’s interiors. The item’s dimensions are 32x32x5.8cm. There’s no better time to get this retro clock with its current price of £32.00 down from its original price of £43.20.


The Small Black with Cream Face London Wall Clock is a classic gem with its wide range of colors available. The cream face can be bought in the colors silver, white, mint green, lime yellow, orange, red, bronze, and bright yellow. You can also get this London wall clock in black face in silver. Item dimensions spans at 31x31x9cm. Except for the bronze and black face variant, everything is priced at £35.00 down from the previous £47.25.


If you want a unique and eye-catching clock piece, the Tall French Bulldog with Clock Standing Figure is for you. Item dimensions are 67x13x11cm. Currently priced at £38.00 from £51.30 previously, getting this would be no doubt a steal!


7 Home Improvement Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for the Summer

If, like me, you’re looking to spruce up your home in time for the sunny months ahead, then in my experience, here are my top seven tips on how to get your home summer-ready in no time.
  1. A Quick Lick of Paint Can Go a Very Long Way
A fresh lick of paint can give your home the facelift it so desperately needs. Although it may sound extremely trivial, you’ll be surprised at the overall difference it can make to your home. Opt for subtle shades that contrast well with your homes current d├ęcor.
  1. Fake It
Ever fancied looking out into your garden and seeing an evenly laid, perfectly green summer lawn? Well, it isn’t impossible since the introduction of artificial grass! Simply choose your turf, install it and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to shop around to compare artificial grass costs, too!  With many piles and looks to choose from, you can ensure your space looks as real as you want it to! Artificial grass also works well in dog kennels, indoor games or play rooms and even conservatories too. 

  1. Go Green
Home improvement needn’t cost an arm and a leg - there are so many ways you could save money in the long run by turning to eco-friendly options within the home. Simple changes such as energy saving lightbulbs, installing solar panels, replacing old windows and replacing them with multiple pane ones; insulating your home more efficiently whilst lowering your energy bills can make a vast difference overall to your bills annually. Not only this,  if you have your eye on a new appliance for your kitchen, chances are, it may be a lot more energy efficient than your old one so get it checked out as many old models of household appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, cookers and washers use a lot more energy than their newer editions.
  1. Add Some Simple Finishing Touches
Sometimes, throwing in a bright cushion here and a new rug there can make all the difference in the visual aesthetics of you home. Also, have a reshuffle of where things are kept – you’ll be surprised at how different your home will look to you when the microwave is on the opposite counter(!).
  1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Investing in storage solutions can do wonders for your home space – you’d be surprised at how much clutter one can accumulate over the course of a year! Introducing storage solutions to your home not only helps with the annual spring clean but also does wonders for the visual aesthetics of your home, too! Remember, less is more. 

  1. Get Decking
Seeing as many of us opt to spend the summer months outdoors rather than in, getting the decking done now would be a good idea. Not only does it work visual wonders for your garden, it alo substantially increases the value of your home, too; a great idea for those of you who love to fire up the barbeque in the summer.
  1. The Garden
Introducing new furniture to your garden or backyard can bring some great excitement for the season ahead. Having a seating area, a bench or a garden sofa swing will encourage you to sit outside in the sun with that cold glass of Pimm’s and fire up that barbeque with your loved ones – it’s also a great excuse to kick back and relax whilst topping up that summer tan!
Always remember, do not commit to any home improvement plans without doing your homework beforehand and always try to get your family involved where you can in order to appreciate the benefits afterward.


Dog Danger in the Garden!

With summer having arrived – enjoy it while you can! - a lot of us will be spending time in the garden.
It might mean watching the kids play, or doing essential summer gardening jobs, welcoming the grand children with a paddling pool and other fun activities.
And by your side will be your faithful friend or friends – dogs love the garden too but it can present many dangers to them.

The Doggy Dangers

There are many dangers in the garden that could cause injury to Fido;
  • Weed killers, slug pellets and fertilisers are all substances commonly used in the garden and although you may store them away, are they out of the reach of inquisitive canine noses? Small doses of these substances can be poisonous!
  • Plants, some bulbs and seeds, can also present issues for dogs. Not all plants are pet-friendly, with some parts of the plant being poisonous.
  • There are also some plants that can be irritating to dogs, just like they can be for us. A runny nose, irritated skin and gooey eyes are common in dogs when they come into contact with some plants.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

You want your garden to be a peaceful haven of tranquillity, full of colourful blooms and sunshine. And you want this for ALL the family, including your faithful canine companion.
To be safe, it means storing substances away from dogs or where they could access them. It also means knowing which plants cause your dog a problem, information available in this handy infographic guide. Take a look! This awesome infographic is from https://www.rattandirect.co.uk/.


Tips On Maintaining Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing maintenance is something that many landlords and tenants ignore, which can lead to large repair bills to get things in working order. Prevention is always better than the cure, so if you need some advice on maintaining your property, you can find plenty of useful plumbing-related tips online that you can take note of. Keeping on top of the plumbing maintenance will help to keep your costs down, as well as your tenants happy.

Stop Any Leaks

You often find that a leak can be a symptom of a more pressing problem, so it is important that you repair any leaks as soon as you find them. If your building does not employ a full-time maintenance engineer, then you can easily find commercial plumbers in Brisbane, or where ever you are located, using the internet to help fix any leaking pipes. Finding out the cause of a problem is an excellent way to save money in the long run, by preventing a catastrophe before it happens.

Check Your Water Pressure

Checking the water pressure is something that can be done on a regular basis as it does not take much time or effort. If the water comes out of your taps lacking gusto, then you may be able to fix this by turning up the pressure on the pump. Make sure that you do not turn the pressure up too high as this could significantly increase water consumption, as well as increase bills.

Take Care Of The Porcelain

Another way to help protect your plumbing system is to make sure that you take good care of your toilets. It is important to educate tenants to make sure that they only flush down the toilet what is necessary, human waste and toilet paper. When you start flushing things down the toilet, even liquids such as oils, you can create a blockage in your system which if not addressed could end up becoming rather smelly. Solid objects can also cause an obstruction, and if the toilet paper builds up, it could end blocking the pipes completely and backing up your toilets.

Check The Drains

As soon as it is reported that a drain is blocked, you should have it fixed as quickly as possible to prevent further issues from arising. Make sure that water can run freely down the drain and that it is not partially blocked, which will help to keep your plumbing in top condition. As with the toilet, make sure that you do not put any liquids down the drains which could create problems down the line.

Preventing Damp

If you have a plumbing issue which goes left unfixed, a build up of water can lead to damp in the building which can cost a substantial amount to fix. Damp can also create mould and mildew, which can have potentially harmful side effects on people, so it is critical that any issue is resolved quickly to make sure that your building remains safe for habitation or commercial use.

If you are in any doubt, you can have a professional perform a maintenance check on your plumbing to make sure that there are no problems on the horizon. After all, it is better to spend a little money now and fix a problem than ignore it for it to cost you ten times the amount down the line!


6 home hacks you need to try out

Want to know which home hacks you should try out? Then read on to discover our top recommendations, from things you can make to things you should look out for when you’re next shopping for your home.    
  1. Recycle and repurpose
Recycle and repurpose objects to give your home a fresh new look. The website for The Freecycle Network is a great place to start, with lots of items being given away for free in your area. Just log on to www.freecycle.org to find your local group, and see what items are in need of a new home. It’s a great way to inject some personality into your property with some quirky vintage or ‘nearly new’ finds. In addition, try architectural salvage yards, car boot sales, charity shops and local auction houses for items that are one of a kind. Look at objects a fresh and think about how you could repurpose them, from an industrial cable reel repurposed as a coffee table to antique chimney pots repurposed as garden features – the possibilities are endless.   

antique chimney pots

  1. Get crafty
There’s been a huge resurgence of interest in traditional crafts in recent years, and it’s time to join in if you haven’t already. From crochet to knitting and patchwork, to name but a few, crafts provide the perfect way to add some new accessories to your home. New curtains, cushions and quilts are all within your reach. Moreover, soft furnishings provide a great way to use up your stash of material, all those odds and ends you haven’t found a use for can be incorporated. You could even incorporate your vintage finds to give your home a unique style, from traditional floral designs to mid-century ‘atomic ‘fabrics, they’ll help set the tone of your home styling efforts.      
  1. Get ready, steady, paint
Painting is probably the most economical home hack at your fingertips. You could begin by using chalky paint to give furniture a shabby chic look. Alternatively, you could embrace special painting techniques such as stippling or rag rolling to give your home a whole new look.  
  1. Mirror or mirror on the wall
Maximise the light levels in your home by adding additional mirrors in strategic places, helping small spaces to seem larger. There are a plethora of affordable styles available on the high street from sizeable overmantel styles to smaller, decorative examples. Geometric art deco and mid-century sunburst designs are a firm favourite at the moment.     

  1. Ice at the ready
Ice machines, including ice makers and ice flakers, can transform your kitchen and will mean you’re always ready to cater for guests – even if they’re unexpected. From a fun slushy drink for your children to refreshments ‘on the rocks’ for the grown-ups, an ice machine is what you need. Ice machines will save you time and hassle when it comes to entertaining.
  1. Then there was light
Introduce a fun and practical element to your home with a remote control light bulb. You can introduce special lighting effects into your home, including a variety of colours – all at the touch of a button.
So there you have our top six home hacks that you need to try out, from hints and tips on things you can make and do, to the latest gadgets for your home. Get your next home improvement project underway, with our home hacks.     


Storing Things Safely In Your Garden

No matter what the size of your garden, it is handy to have a shed which gives you a place to store all manner of items, including tools, furniture, and maybe even bicycles. However, you will want to make sure that your shed is secure and you can find some excellent information on the safewise.com website on how you can secureyour shed properly. With just a little effort and investment, you can create a safe storage area for your garden and also deter any would-be burglars.

Purchase A Sturdy Shed

There are plenty of suppliers of garden sheds in the UK, so finding one will not be a problem. Whichever company you decide to purchase your shed from, make sure that you buy one that is sturdy with a strong frame around the door. The stronger your shed is, the less of an easy target it will be, and there are also other measures that you can take to keep your property safe.

Security Lights

An excellent addition to your garden’s security is to install a floodlight that has a motion sensor that will light up when movement is detected. The light does not have to be too bright as it will be a massive deterrent to any late night prowlers. The light is also handy for when you need to open the shed at night, and can be used as a source of light.

A Solid Lock

You should always keep your shed locked, and it is important to invest in a lock of high-quality. An average garden shed will come with one position where you can use a padlock, but you can also add some more if you wanted that extra piece of mind. If someone does steal from your shed and it was not locked, you may find that your house insurance may not cover your stolen items.

A Security Camera

Another excellent deterrent to stop thieves is to add CCTV to your home which can be done relatively cheaply. You can install one or two units that work using wireless technology, and with modern software and applications, you can check the stream using your computer or Smartphone. There are floodlight systems with motion detectors that also have built-in cameras, so you can purchase a complete system to keep your possessions safe and secure.

Do Not Advertise

Most thieves are opportunists, so if you present them with the possibility of stealing something of high value with ease, they will usually take it. If your garden shed has a window, install a net curtain, or even a non-transparent material, across it to prevent people from seeing what is inside when it is dark. Keep your shed door closed, and always keep it locked when you are not using it. Place stickers on the front of your property showing that a security system is being used, and also remain vigilant. By not presenting yourself as an easy target and investing a small amount in the safety and protection of your family, thieves may just pass you by and choose a much easier target.


Why You Can See Water Coming Out Of Your Boiler

If you are looking for a boiler for your home, you can get some excellent product reviews on the goodhousekeeping.com website to help you decide which model is best for your house. However, if you already have a boiler and you are experiencing problems with it leaking water, there are four main reasons as to why this may happen. Rather than going through the expense of a new boiler, you may be able to repair the problem which will cost a lot less than a whole new system.

Your Boiler

A Problem With The Pressure

It is very common for a boiler to have drips of water that come from the pressure outlet pipe which allows pressure to escape from it and prevent it from blowing up. Although it is common to have the occasional drip of water coming from this pipe, if you see water underneath the boiler on a daily basis, you may have a problem with the internal pressure of the boiler being too high. You will need to check the pressure gauge on the tank and take an accurate reading. If you are not qualified to work on your boiler, you will need to consult a specialist. You can type Worcester Bosch Boiler Repair in your internet browser, or whatever manufacturer your boiler is, and you will find some different companies that will be able to assist you with problems with your system.

Loose Joints

Another issue which can cause water to leak from your boiler and hot water system is loose joints. The biggest cause of loose joints is the climate, as the cooling down and warming up through the seasons can cause the metal to contract and expand, loosening the joints. Take a look at the blowdown valve making sure that it is not loose, and check all the other joints are secure. If you do find any issues, you will need to call your local service company to take a look at the problem for you.

Faulty Or Damaged Seals

Your boiler may also have worn or broken seals, which can also lead to water leaking out of it. As the water pump works, the water is pushed through the system, as well as also leaking out of the broken seals causing a puddle of water to build up. If you are experiencing this sort of issue, then you will have to replace the seals, as well as also potentially replacing the pump to solve the problem. Make sure that you fix the problem quickly as leaving it for a while could cause the problem to get bigger, causing more damage to your home and increasing the repair bill.

An Old Boiler

If your boiler has seen better days and is pretty old, you may find that the water tank can crack over time due to age and fatigue. The problem is the heating and cooling down of the system which over time can fatigue metals causing them to crack and allowing water to escape. When this problem occurs, you need to replace the whole unit, rather than attempt a repair, as it will be likely that it will fail again in the not too distant future.

Whenever you have any issues with your water boiler, do not take any chances at attempting to fix it yourself if you are not qualified. Have a registered engineer inspect and assess your boiler, and carry out any necessary repairs.