Door Locks: How to Change them and the Importance of Doing so

When moving into a new property, most people will set about making the new place their own by redecorating and replacing fixtures and fittings to suit their own tastes and lifestyle. However great redecorating is, surveys have shown that, despite the fact that they are unaware if anyone else has a set of keys to their new home, over 70% of movers do not bother to change the locks on their new property. Frightening, right?

How To: Approach Your Garden Duties This Spring

As winter departs and we no longer have to snap the frost off our duvet covers each morning, our time of hibernation from the great outdoors has come to an end. The temperature is getting warmer and the day are growing longer which means Spring is the ideal time to get back to that never-ending list of D.I.Y chores. This blog post offers advice and tips for individual’s planning to get back outside (most likely from the safety of their own bed) but don’t know where to start. Whether you are wondering what to tackle first, which job is easiest or which is most important; this article will help answer your questions. 

How To Prepare Your Home For Summer


Although you might not be able to notice it quite yet, the weather is beginning to warm up. In preparation for the brighter seasons, you may have started to think about how you can help release your house from its winter funk. Well, to help you get started here is a how to guide on preparing your home for the summer.

5 Easy Steps For a Happy, Healthy Dog

Dogs are a massive part of the family. Having a happy dog makes for a better home environment. But, how can you make sure that your dog is always happy and smiling? It’s all about investing your time wisely. Making sure that you spend time with your dog and getting to know their particular needs is a must. Different dog breeds have different needs. But, there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to keeping a happy hound.

Let’s take a look at five simple steps that you must take if you want to ensure your dog's happiness.

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