Five Reasons for Adding Solar Fountain to Your Garden

    For thousands of years, people have installed fountains for both practical and aesthetic purposes. As far back as 2000 BC, the Sumerians of present-day Iraq created and maintained fountains. Today, fountains grace our lawns, city squares, parks, and gardens—calming, amazing, and delighting us.

    The power sources used in fountains have changed over the years. Once, gravity powered fountains; later, electricity. Now, solar power offers a hybrid of natural energy and technology.

    Solar fountains operate on sunlight. Each fountain comes with a solar panel that captures energy from the sun and converts it to useable energy. This energy powers the fountain’s pump, which circulates water in the fountain.


     Attractive Addition

    For home owners interested in improving their backyards and gardens, a fountain is a pleasant touch. Solar fountains:

    - Create a soothing ambiance
    - Avoid using unattractive wires
    - Protect from high voltage safety hazards.

    A solar fountain preserves the natural intimacy of the garden by eliminating the need for intrusive electrical wires. In addition, solar fountains maintain the safety of the garden. By operating on self-contained low-voltage electricity, they are unlike electric fountains, which carry the risk of high voltage electricity and power cables.

    Environmentally Friendly Option

    When it comes to preserving and enjoying the natural world, solar fountains are ideal. Two features in particular set solar fountains apart from their electric counterparts:

    - They do not use fossil fuels
    - They can add oxygen to oxygen-depleted ponds

    Other fountains are powered by electricity, which comes from the burning coal and fossil fuels, which can have detrimental effects on the environment. Solar fountains maintain the pleasure of a garden fountain without disrupting the natural world the fountain was intended to compliment. Because solar fountains are not bound to electric cables, some varieties are designed to float on the surface of ponds. These fountains can benefit their host ponds by putting oxygen back into formerly stagnant bodies of water.

     Cost-effective Solution

    Nobody likes paying bills, and solar fountains are an attractive one-time investment. The cost of purchasing the fountain is the actual cost of the fountain, with no operational costs to slowly eat away at the wallet. With solar fountains there are:

    - No ongoing electricity bills
    - No payments to electricians

    Solar fountains incur no electricity bills because they run on free energy from the sun. Because they are independent of the electrical grid, home owners do not need an electrician to install the fountain.

     Convenient Choice

    Solar fountains offer a level of convenience unparalleled by electric competitors. Fountains powered by the sun

    - Are independent of electrical outlets
    - Can be placed virtually anywhere
    - Can contain a battery reservoir to store electricity.

    In other words, solar fountains are not bound to proximity to a house or other power outlets. A fountain can go wherever sunlight can reach. In fact, in some models of solar fountains the panel and the fountain are separate pieces attached by a cable. This means that the fountain itself can be in the shade as long as the panel is in the sunlight. This is convenient for shady gardens and patios. In addition, some fountains offer greater convenience by storing the sun’s energy when it is at its strongest. This allows the fountain to operate even after dark.

    Varied Selection

    Choices in fountain style, color, design and material are broad. With many options in stores and online, home owners can find a fountain to perfectly compliment their garden or other outdoor area. Four popular materials used in solar fountains are:

    - Terra Cotta
    - Brushed Copper
    - Stonecast
    - Ceramic and Fiberglass

    Adding a fountain can be the perfect way to spruce up gardens and green space. Solar fountains offer convenience, beauty, and easy installation without harming the environment, jeopardizing safety with high voltage electrical currents, or incurring hidden costs of operation.

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