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Get Your Garden Growing With These 5 Landscape Apps

Is improving the look of your outdoor space on your home improvement wish list? Are you hoping to make major changes to your home’s landscaping over the coming year?
If you want to get a jump on planning your landscaping (and potentially save yourself big bucks in the process), you just might want to add a few landscape design apps to your smartphone or tablet. Following are five landscaping apps you can consider for your Android device.

Garden Landscape Design Pro


Brought to you by Geek Zeek Apps, the Garden Landscape Design Pro app offers access to an extensive list of landscape design information. Users of this app can discover everything from yard assessment tools to foundation planning courses of action. Garden specifics like rock gardens, flower gardens, and tropical gardens are detailed via this mobile app. Users of this app can improve their knowledge on topics like perennials and annuals, color selection, and soil selection for gardening beds. If you only download one landscaping app to your digital device, this app might be an excellent choice.


Best Landscape Designs


If you prefer an app that offers you plenty of visual choices to consider, the Best Landscape Designs app from Supreme Droids is a good option. Using this app, you can scan through images of country gardens, backyard pool landscaping designs, floral pathways, and landscaped waterfall designs. While this app might not give you specific information on how to recreate the images you see, chances are pretty good that you will be inspired by the landscape designs within this app.


iScape Lite Landscape Designs

iScape Lite Landscape Designs

Available from iScape Apps, the iScape Lite Landscape Designs app offers information on topics like tree choices, floral choices based upon sun conditions, ground cover choices, tropical plant choices, and outdoor planter designs. The design tools available via this app make it a top choice for those that like getting their hands dirty in the design process.


Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas

Developed by ZaleBox, the Garden Design Ideas app offers users information on topics related to creating unique garden spaces. Topics covered include design for small garden spaces, terrace gardens, Japanese garden designs, and water features including ponds and waterfalls.


Garden Design Ideas


Created by Chandrakala, the Garden Design Ideas app offers users information on specific landscaping design techniques. Design elements highlighted in this app include topics like creating garden pathways, balcony gardens, and minimalist design in gardening.


These are just five of numerous landscape design apps you can consider for your Android device. Whether you want to discover new patterns for your lawn edging or you want to uncover information regarding the latest advances in lawn fertilizer, you can do so with the help of a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Which of these apps do you think you will be downloading to your digital device? Have you discovered other mobile apps in the past that have made creating a beautifully landscaped yard a breeze?



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