Bringing the summer in to your home with rugs

    And in these days where the sunlight lasts for longer, we decide to modify the interior look of our homes too, after all, we are more productive when the daylight hours are longer. And so what trends are being ushered in in terms of rug design and colour this summer? Influenced as always by major trends in interior design and d├ęcor, rugs have never been more sought after to complete the summer look of 2104.

    OUT go busy walls and heavily patterned furniture… everything is relaxing and uncoiling, chaos is banished to be replaced by calmness, tranquillity and peacefulness, three factors that are reflected in the current colours and patterns for rugs.

    Colour is still ‘in’, it has not disappeared altogether but to create the perfect summer aura in your home this year, relax the shade of colour. Definitely old hat is the brighter shades of colours; ditch the hot pink and the vibrant yellow but not completely. Think strength and richness.

    But before you opt for this look, what is the completely new shades and colours for the summer? It seems that soft pastels and muted tones are once again top of the agenda.Calm is the name of the game, but inject a hint of drama with a dramatic strong version of your chosen colour.

    BUT if striking an impact is your interior design thing, then take on the strength and richness of colour. Pastel and sugar baby pinks might not be the chosen palette of everyone but let’s explore the option for a moment…

    Walls, ceilings and floors all have colours – maybe light pinks and beiges or creams and your high impact statement is the rich, strong pink found in the rug. Opt for pattern rugs, geometric design and striking patterns with your chosen strong colour as its main theme and you will be the trendsetter with your interior colour scheme.

    Still feel it is too stark? You can complement your rug with single accessories within the room; replace lampshades with your strong chosen colour, have similar but not the same patterned cushions. It will create the colour-drama you seek without the starkness and boldness that is long gone… for now.

    Take a note of the upcycling trend too. There are so many clever designs out there of how to re-use various items throughout the home and this trend is finding its way to rugs too. Consumers are no longer looking just to the mega stores of the out-of-town-retail-centres for their bargains and purchases now. They see the talent that lay in craftspeople and traditional skills; upcycling an only rug is one trend coming to light.

    Find you rug and get it cleaned and repaired; you have can it re-sized to fit your home; it can hang on the wall or adorn the floor. Saving the environment never felt or looked so good. 

    Another trend re-emerging with a 2014 tweak is monochrome. And the tweak? An addition of a splash of accent colour. It seems that ‘name your colour’ is the name of the game. Don’t think boring black and white… but add a third colour into the edging or into a repeated phrase of the pattern and your home really will have all the summer 2014 interior trend it needs. 

    But, it if all sounds a little too block colour, a little too muted there are choices of flora and fauna too, it just changes with the seasons. Vintage, with a twist of the modern, is back in. Nature, the flowers and the leaves are all there in the wallpapers, the soft furnishing and the rugs.

    Don’t think chintz; that has had its time and will no doubt go through another growth soon but the patterns have softened. The colours are muted and pastel too, with the harshness of brightness. There is a delicacy to the patterns that allow them to fit with any age property, any family and any interior design. 743

    Other hot summer 2014 trends that you may like or not… the choice is yours

    Completing the quirkiness is us all is the use of animals on soft furnishing; cushions are a great hit this summer with pictures of toy dogs on cushions matched with fun odd-shaped rugs. Great for any pad!
    Blue is the tipped colour that will see us to the end of the summer and into the coolness of autumn. Versatile as a colour, it can be cool and light to dark and dramatic; designs in this colour are down to your choice entirely, you can take it either way and it would work just fine. Rugs add the drama or can add the coolness. Again, you don’t have to stick with block colour.

    Geometric patterned rugs are everywhere and are hot, hot, hot for this summer. Take a chance and splash out of rug but keep the number of colours in check. The trend appears to be two colours – a strong orange, teamed with a white pattern for example. 


     Great ways of adding something extra to your room – the use of rugs from bright colours to the ‘classic’, yet thoroughly modern black and white rug.

    Nature is hot too from butterflies to exotic looing flowers; the tropics have arrived on the rug scene but we are not talking just the sea grass or jute rugs. Patterns and flora ‘pictures’ on the rug are the surprise emerging trend.

    Rugs really do complement a design scheme, it can be the finishing point that pulls it all together or it can be the starting point as you welcome the warmth of summer with a re-design. What will you rug say about your summer 2014 home interior?

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