Natural Swimming Pools: A Worthwhile Investment?

    Many people in the UK are awaiting glorious weather conditions that are forecast for the approaching summer but only a lucky few of us will get to make the most of the summer in their own swimming pool. Having a swimming pool has always been regarded as a luxury, mainly due to the fact that they cost quite a lot to build and a substantial amount to maintain.

    What’s more, the general climate of the UK is often regarded as one that wouldn’t suit the requirements of a swimming pool, so it’s usually seen as an investment that just isn’t worthwhile.  So is there any possible way for those living in the UK to find the motivation to get a pool? Possibly, if they replicate what an Austrian man, Werner Gamerith, chose to do in the 1980’s.

    Gamerith was the first man to have a natural swimming pool installed in his private garden. It would signal the start of a worldwide craze that saw many standard swimming pools transformed into natural bodies of water still entirely fit for swimming and relaxation.

    Natural Swimming pool in Indonesia

    Natural pools, or swimming ponds as they are often known, have become increasingly popular in the UK as they can be customised to suit the local surroundings. In addition, they provide more than just recreational value and can be constructed to look attractive and bed in with the natural surroundings. They were first introduced to the UK in 2001 during the Hampton Court Flower Show in Richmond, London.
    So how can you go about getting this kind of project underway without burning a serious hole in your finances? Many people presume that swimming pools demand plenty of attention and too much attention to become a worthwhile investment and natural pools are no different, although they do offer much more flexibility as you can get a lot of the work done yourself.

    It’s the ultimate DIY project of course and it may well set you back a bit of money and time in the process but it could prove to be a much more affordable approach. Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider when constructing your own natural swimming pool.

    It’s a DIY Job
    At the end of the day, this is not a job for the faint of heart. If you choose to go DIY then you’ll need a team of at least four people who are prepared to take up the work. It’s also important to try and consider if you’ll be able to maintain the work and not take monthly breaks every now and then, as this can ultimately lead to you having second thoughts about the whole thing.

    Get it Approved
    Don’t waste time preparing if you haven’t already got approval from the council. For some this can be a real nuisance, so always check with the council to make sure that your work can go ahead.

    When digging the gigantic hole for your swimming pond, try and pick somewhere which would be convenient for servicing, drainage, access and general maintenance. It may seem obvious but it would be devastating to carry out such a huge job and realise you can’t assess the temperature without the risk of falling into the neighbours garden, or worse the pool itself!

    With everything else considered, it’s time to plan construction. There are plenty of construction methods available on the internet and you can even get in touch with natural swimming pool experts in your area to get some helpful tips on construction methods and the various pastoral features that work best with a swimming pond. Usually, you’ll have to do all the digging, surfacing and layering yourself, so be prepared for weeks of outdoor construction work. Of course, the final result will be more than worthwhile!

    Daisy Masters is a parent to 2 children and she is passionate about finding interesting yet safe environments in which they can play outside. She writes about home safety and home improvement issues for Quality Ironmongery, a supplier of DIY products.

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