Matching the Wood Flooring Colour with your Décor

    Why the colour of your floor needs to be considered when designing interior spaces

    When it comes to our interior spaces, we take great pains in ensuring that the interior design flows nicely. The décor is matched so that each room accents each other nicely. Yet, often the room seems to lack a certain dynamic. Where there are many reasons why this may be, a common element which is overlooked is the floor colouring. Ensuring that you have the proper colour flooring for your décor can make all the difference in your design. Here are some colour considerations.

    Unfinished Wood

    Unfinished wood flooring typically has a more rustic look as opposed to those woods which have been treated and have a finishing coat upon them. These woods also have a lighter appearance. Typically, the untreated wood does well in settings where you have natural wood furniture (such as dining room tables, rattan furniture, and china cabinets) as opposed to rooms which have furniture that has finished wood within it. The reason that you want to avoid using unfinished wood against finished wood is that there will be a clash of colour and the two will compete with each other, usually unsuccessfully. Unfinished wood should be used when trying to get a more natural look to the room.

    Dark Colours and Dark Wood

    Dark wood is and dark colours are ideal for rooms which have light painted furniture. The contrast which is made between the furniture and the floor is typically athletically pleasing. You should be cautious not to use dark floors against a dark coloured wall unless the wall compliments the floor or vice versa. If you have light baseboards around your space then you may be able to have darker colours with darker walls. Keep in mind that darker woods and colours may give the room a smaller appearance.

    Blacks and Grey Colours

    Black and grey coloured flooring typically goes well with white décor or other grey décor. When black flooring is used, consider pairing white furniture with the flooring or grey furniture with it. This will create a positive and negative space within the room. When using grey for the décor the eye will travel from the darker coloured floor to the lighter coloured décor. It is advised that you create a circular design. For example: if the floor is black and the furniture is grey, then the eye will move upwards. If you have a white ceiling, consider having the trim in black or having accent pieces in black to bring the eye back down (such as a black china cabinet or black countertops on white cabinets).

    Golden and neutral colours

    Spaces which will see high levels of traffic should avoid having painted wood. It is typically a good idea to have a naturally stained wood in these areas or to have a golden/natural colour. Also, areas which are prone to have changes in the décor should use golden colours or natural colours. These areas may include living rooms, bedrooms, and oak conservatories. You would do well to keep a golden colour here as the furnishings are very apt to change from season to season or (in bedrooms which have growing children) as your child’s taste develop.

    Other colours to consider

    When picking the floor colouring to pair with your decorum, you should chose a colour that compliments the overall space. For the best results pick an actual complimentary colour. Supplementary colours may be used but cautiously. If you really want to accent an area consider using a dark red or a country red on the flooring. This does exceptionally well in rooms which have a black and white theme. Please note, that you will want to have at least one element that is of the same hue of red on the walls or accenting the space (such as perhaps a vase of roses or a picture frame) so that the floor does not over power the space. Red coloured floors generally do better in rooms which have a substantial amount of natural lighting.

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    Other Considerations

    The colour of your floor is greatly dependent upon the lighting and the décor of the room. Keep in mind that even though you may pick a certain colour of flooring or a certain wood for the room, the hue may be altered by the contents of the room or by the natural or imitation lighting. Curtains and upholstery will also alter the appearance of the colour. Even if you have determined that you are getting a certain colour flooring (such as black) the appearance may be quite different depending on these elements (for example the hue may appear as grey if an ivory black is put against a mars black and the lighting is yellow lighting). Ensure that you consult an interior designer for the best options for your interior space.

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